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Back in the Dark Ages, Bridgwater was simply known as 'Bryj' which is Anglo-Saxon for 'The Quayside'.
In the Middle Ages, in 1066, after William the Conqueror invaded England, he gifted various manors and land to his supporters. 'Bryj' was given to Walter, from Douai in France. The quayside on the River Parrett now belonged to him to be known as Walter's Quayside, Bryj of Walter and eventually Bridgwater.
Even in the 19th. century, milestone makers misspelt the name to Bridgewater and also in the 1990's, Somerset County Council made a similar error!
One famous industry for the town was the now defunct British Cellophane, which closed in 2005 but whose odour was very recognisable when approaching Bridgwater!
Some major businesses in the town include Mulberry handbags, Morrisons Regional Distribution Centre for the South west and there is a rumour in 2020 that Tesla will setup some premises in the Gravity area of Bridgwater.
Nearby, EDF has a venture with the Chinese to build a new Nuclear Build(NNB) facility at Hinkley Point(C) which has provided many job opportunities in the past and also for the future.
Great countryside surrounding the town is abundant and within short distances. These include fossil bearing beaches at Kilve, AONB's, Quantock Hills, Brendon Hills, Blackdown Hills, Mendips, Blackdown, Exmoor and the Somerset Levels.
Much history can be found such as Arthurian legends, Anglo-Saxon history and Middle-Age rebellions. This site gives you information about anything to do with the town of Bridgwater in Somerset. You can ...look at the local weather, local traffic news and other things local including items to buy!
The news from various sources is chosen by us.
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